For those who are looking for services or goods:

How to decide which provider/goods seller to choose:

When you already within the category- you have the list of companies that provide the particular service or sell the particular goods that you are looking for. You will see the small picture of the website of each of them. Next to the picture you have the link to their website but below the picture you have the short description with the information what the particular company does or sells. So you can have a short glance and decide fast which of them to choose.

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For those who provide any service or sale:

If you provide any service or sell goods and you would like to inform more people about that by using Yespages, please:

First, check if we already have the link to your website in our data base using the general search box on upper bar on your right

- if yes, check whether you are happy with that, or- you would like to change anything just Contact us >>>

- if not, look on upper bar and find: submit the link, then follow the instruction on the screen or Contact us >>>

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